Playa del Rey, California

Author: Jessica Thompson

I have been working at the Hyperion Water Treatment Facility for a year and have gained much knowledge about the water treatment process. The ocean is literally across the street from the treatment facility and from time to time I walk on the sand and take a deep breath as I look at the vastness of the water. IMG_1357.JPG

To me, water is cleansing. When I shower I am still to watch the water as it flows down the drain and have often wondered where does the water go and how does it come through my shower head?! This poem is a reflection of the moments when I wonder where the water goes and the following of each drop.

Follow The Drop

Follow her drop, follow his drop.
Follow my drop of water. Where does my water use take you?
Where does your water use lead me?

Follow the drop…

From the mountain top to the shower stop
Water flows. Travels slow.
Sometimes water is in a rush much like us.
The land is connected by water, to water.
We are connected through water…

The odorless, tasteless liquid.

Water makes up 70% of the world, water makes up 70% of us.
We are equal! We are one.
Water flows like my soul, gold and not old!

Follow the drop..
My drop. It’s drop.
Water isn’t a he or she.
Water to me?
Is a spirit being.


Jessica Thompson holds a degree in Management from the University of California, Merced. When not focusing on work at the Hyperion Water Treatment Facility in Playa del Rey she spends her time on poetry, performing arts, and empowering young women.

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