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Author: Kara Wieckowski

As a child in the 70’s, the song, Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel, was over played by school bands and glee clubs.  Call me nostalgic, but I still love it! The title of this song and happy memories somehow connected me back to this site, FollowTheDrop.  And in my stream of consciousness (excuse the pun) I thought about the sound of water.  In this nostalgic moment I realized that the sound of water has been the playlist for many dear memories.  Like an old favorite song, it conjures the times when I was both calm and completely happy… Moments where your senses combine to mark the time and soak in the emotion.

The Sound of Water

1970’s – The sound of…

Bare feet landing in a summer puddle after a thunderstorm
Fall rain outside my window during a Thanksgiving Day nap
Pounding rain while my Dad and I counted the seconds between thunder and lightning.
Calm ocean waters lapping at my Dad’s boat settled into sleep under a star-filled sky


1980’s – The sound of…

The LA Harbor swells splashing over the bow of my Uncle’s sailboat as my future husband and I crewed for his race.
A vinyl recording of a thunderstorm to “feel like New England” while we lived in Southern California.
Water gurgling in the filter as I floated in my Mom’s pool, anticipating my first baby, just days ahead.


The waves rolling in while wrapped in my husband’s arms, in a waterfront bedroom after a sun-filled beach day on our family vacation.
A tub filling with water while my funny, squealing, naked babies got ready for a big bubble bath.


Water balloons splashing, super soakers spraying and many wet happy feet on the deck as a yard full of children enjoyed a summer day.
A giant whoosh of water as the log ride splashed down, my son and I screaming with delight.

2010 – on

City puddles splashed by taxis and families on our street in Boston.
Water filling a modern new infant tub to bathe my chubby grandson.
Ice cold drinking water filling into my water bottle for the fourth time today as I transition from a diet soda habit to healthy, clean, fresh, water!


Kara Wieckowski is a seasoned Change Management Practitioner with deep expertise in Health Care. Outside of work, you can find Kara sipping wine on the porch with her husband, enjoying spin class with her daughter, and babysitting her grandson. 


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